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JBUDD NEWS Getting Bigger and Brighter #21

So I recently was checking out my stats on some of my Youtube videos. And I noticed that I had gotten quite a few hits from this girl’s blog in SWEDEN!  So the effects of JBUDD NEWS is officially starting to have a global impact.  It’s the dawn of a beautiful day really… I had to translate her website to understand what it said, I don’t want any comments saying “thank you we love you so much for doing that” but I want it to be strictly done out of charity. cuz in my ward we have a goal to reach 10,000 service hours, and I’ll just use that to count towards it.  But anyway, here’s what she had to say:

I always knew that life is a roller coaster, there are things happening for a reason then there are the things that occur to deliberately make it or an accident.  There may be things that makes you feel good, but they can also be things that makes you go down the hill, or around in a lop it only lasts a short time.

When you are born to climb mountains and on rollercoaster and it does not stop former husband to go get off at his death.

It does not matter to me what they are, they’re talking about, they are still upside down and not least in love.  For some strange reason, so when you are alone so you see people holding hands all the time, you see people kissing and holding eachother.  Show love for eachother and we have no idea what is going on when they are at home.  It is known that all people end up in fights and conflicts, but we want to solve something as you fight for it, right? It shows that this is what you want, right?

I think so, or I hope so.

Just listen!

I’ve been waiting, I have forgiven and I’ve cried, it is about time that they go up the hill again.  If you want something, do not be afraid to stretch out your hand and take your chance… :)

WOW.  FIRST of all… I don’t get about half the things you just said, and second of all, I didn’t realize how deep that video was!  I was figuring it was just a video to motivate students to get involved, but I guess she got on the deeper quantum level that only Swedish people that don’t speak English can understand. I don’t even want to get STARTED on your terrible grammer.

It sure sounded like this video changed her life, which isn’t very abnormal here at JBUDD news.  THAT’S why I get hundreds of people writing in every week telling me their success stories!  But I only include the toppest notchest of them for my readers… cuz.. I’m just that kind of guy….

****SUCCESS STORY (from yesteryear)****
So ap tests are over and Broderick decides to have us make parachutes to see whose can float longest.  So everyone starts making parachutes out of tissue paper.  "cept for me.  I’m duct tape man.  I like duct tape. 

So I decide it would be really clever to make a sheet of duct tape (my parachute) and stick a ball of inside out duct tape attached to a duct tape cord on the sheet.  The idea was to hit the ball on the wall and make it stick, and then there was no way I would've lost.

So, I walk to the balcony, drop it off, hoping it would hit the wall and stick.  It just kinda rubbed its way down.

Well then I was on the brink of despair (failure) when it landed right into a huge bowl of something carried by a student -- Mr Broderick later stated that it may have been tapioca.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  The student looked up at me, and I think swore.

I then ran to the classroom in an attempt to hide.  Mr broderick found me and disqualified me from the games.

It was worth it. Duct tape in tapioca?  When does that ever happen?

J Nieveen
Riverton, UT
I’d like to note the key points to his success.  First, he didn’t conform with the crowd.  Second, he used duct tape, and third, he got pudding splashed all over some kid.  GREAT success in my book.

dude jbudd this is bs.   man that was DECENT!!!   much better than #18.   I liked it.  I liked it a lot.   keep up the goodness.  dude so i have a survey that you could maybe do that could create some interesting feed back.  Find out what people think about dating the girls that you home teach.   Is it kosher?   I am not too sure myself but the girl i home teach is cool and pretty decent and i took her out last friday.  It went so well...but i dont know how far i could really take it.  Many tell me that i need to bail out.  They say that it will only lead to tears.  What does Utah State think? 

oh one more thing that was kinda funny.  I went to Mr. BYU which was cool but they had a MC that was so sweet.  He was making jokes and stuff and then he told the students about how to become a true aggie.  Since most of the kids are from out of state they didnt really get it but he said that they were going to start "true cougars" at BYU.  What you do is you go to the center of campus before 10:30p.m. and shake hands with some girl.  Then you are a true cougar.   

Well Jbudd rock it up....
til we meet again
the one and only
Riverton, UT

FIRST of all… when you address my pseudo name, you need to CAPITALIZE it out of respect to me, and all of the hundreds of monkey’s I have writing material for me here at JBUDD inc. COMMON!  I thought you BYU people were geniuses.  NOW where’s your 3.9 GPA?
Anyway.  I’m pretty sure that’s the whole point of home-teaching in a college ward, and we just mask it behind trying to help out the other person or something.  But really they just want us to date them.  I’m pretty sure that’s all any old person cares about with single adults.  WHEN are you going to get married!  You say hi to anyone, and the first thing they wanna talk about is "Are you dating anyone? Why not?"  That’s why we have linger longer, FHE, home teaching, visiting teaching, and Sunday school class.  It’s all a scheme to hook you up with some girl.  So I say take the bait, and make your bishop proud!  I just hope that MY home teacher doesn’t start having any feelings for me…
Well if any of you are dispositionally outraged by my view and wants to express them.  Just email and we’ll talk about it.  ALSO on the left of the page there’s a poll that you can VOTE on whether it is right or wrong to date your home-teachee.
I’m also proud to present the newest member of the JBUDD Films family that bs and I made back when I lived with him in ’07.  Enjoy:

A blog?  Why are you doing a blog?  That is so girly.
    -Ashley B
    Riverton Utah

YOU’RE a girl!

****Interview of the week****
I had a funny conversation this week with someone who actually does physicals.  As you read in #19, I’ve always have wondered what they think about doing it.  So I interviewed someone on the topic.  This girl is about 22? Or so, and we’ll call her… Germanium

Do you have stuff like that over there? Hernia checks?
That’s what we do at the hospital, yes.
Why Ew?
I don’t care, it’s just a job.
Wait… YOU actually do it?
TO them… yeah.
How’s your conversation while you’re doing it?
What kind of question is that?
It’s fine… sometimes the guys are kinda shy cuz I’m still kinda young.
We even do prostate checking.
I used to not want to do it, but I need to cuz it’s part of the job
What if they think you’re cute or something?
If they like me? How would I even know that?
HOW will I know? Hahaha… It’s ok… it’s just a physical check!
Why? Are you shy to when you get a physical?

Then she started questioning my manhood. So unfortunately, we had to cut the interview short.

Well thanks for coming out to JBUDD NEWS, and we'll see you all next week.

Your Friend,


Jericho said...

thank you so much for your warm comment! I hope you enjoyed your travel in my blog. well....I'm still a 4th year college student and I'm not a professional painter yet. :)

Anonymous said...

nice post friend!!!!

please visit me back....
Culure of Indonesia

thanks friend.....

Lauren said...

Howdy. I have enjoyed my visit to your blog. :) And not just because you have one of the most beautiful post-footers I have ever seen, I'm for cereal! :) Read a lot of your posts.
~Lauren the girl with an extreme perversion towards fonts. Nymphont. (Try telling that one to your dad.
Gey Laurie... What's your... website called now?

(me) [thinking] :::I can't say nymphont to my dad! what to do, what to do... Spell it! stopping before the 'o' and then say 'font' thus avoiding that embarrassing moment! That's the best you've got!Here goes:::
Sweet voice, "Oh yeah Dad- it's N - Y - M - P - H, then 'font'. You know like a "wood nymph"?-- But halfway through enunciating "nymph" --- dad syas:
"Yeah." (shattering the the previously held record for the "shortest-and-flattest-yeah's-ever.")

So... while I we're at it dad, I might as well tell you that when I told you I worked at the library.... well... you were so proud I didn't have the heart to tell you..... that I work at the Library *Gentlemen's Club*.... :) Sorry for the confusion on that dad.

(Sorry I felt writing a random and weird comment might be okay with you here, and I dont often have a chace to do this. If not, Nymphont does regret the error. Have a super day.)

JBUDD NEWS said...

thanks. You too!

Lauren said...

Aww Snaps! You link me :) I suppose I have more room on my blog for some link love as well. What the H - E - Double hockey sticks, why not? he he

JBUDD NEWS said...

Don't you HATE when that happens?! haha jk. hopefully that doesn't mess up your beloved design ;)

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