Thursday, November 9, 2006


I decided to check this ol' email address just for fun. and the account got closed, so I had to re-open it. If any of you don't remember, this is the film club email address, that at one point you decided to join. weather your experience in it was good or bad, at least we can all find common ground in ONE thing... the presedent was totally HOT!!! haha. maybe I'll start like a weekly newsletter where I send you guys updates on the non existing club. In hopes to make you laugh... I'll think about it. Meanwhile, your guys'es assignment is to eat a lot of pizza, drink some mr. pibb. and to love one another, as I love you... see yaall!!! JBUDD p.s. so when I opened this account in messenger again, some japanees kid had added me.... I'll get to the bottom of this. and keep you guys POASTED! who is he, where did he come from, where is he going with his life.

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