Saturday, June 19, 2010

Recipe #4 - Balognia (Gotta love Italian food!)

Smart food tip from JBUDD:
After you’ve capitalized on everyone else, you’ll probably have to buy some food of your own to make up for the lost nutrients in all that waffle batter and syrup. Here’s a list of good healthy ingredients that will keep your busy neurons firing.

-Bread (make sure it's the good kind.  cheep stuff is cheap for a reason, because most of it is made of AIR.  Seriously, if you take that FarmBread loaf right there, and some WonderBread, and mushed them into a ball like you used to as a kid, I'd bet the FarmBread would be twice as big of a ball... I'm just sayin...)
-Frozen Burritos
-Hamburger helper
-Hot Dogs

Recipe of the day:
For my next treat, the bologna and cheese sandwich… Sounds simple, but you need to learn a few tips:
  1st. NAMED BRAND CHEESE! Do not SETTLE for budget American cheese. This stuff is already processed enough to go cheep on. You’re eating imitation cheese for crying out loud, do you want the imitation form of imitation? Believe me, it tastes like rubber.
   2nd. Get the NORMAL sliced bologna. If you’re not careful you might accidently pick up the thick sliced one which only comes with 8 thick slices… in other words, 8 sandwhiches, which is NOTHING compared to the regular 20 pack. Same price too!
 After you got your bread, balognia, cheese, mayo and mustard.  Throw them all together until you have a tastey gormet Italian dish.  If you're confused, just use my picture as a reference:

Bon Apatite!
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