Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Secret Student Cooking Ideas

As a busy college student, balancing your life between: school, work, dating, and trying to make your band famous... you sometimes forget one of the most important factors of life... what is it you ask?  well silly... it's FOOD! :) 

In the upcoming days I'm going to teach you the secrets that no cookbook dares to share. I will teach you how not only eat gourmet meals with 30 min or less preparation... but how to do it CHEAP.

Recipe 1

      -Ability to read
      -Tied shoes
      -Large winter coat (only applicable to USU students)

Take advantage of every free food opportunities you can find.  Look on your local school calendar to find out when your student association will be hosting some gag activity with free food in hopes to con you into something. Frat houses are always insecure and looking for cool new members like you.  Just make sure that they don't know you think they're lame before you eat their free meal.  This works best around eating holidays like Thanksgiving.



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